Our games

Flipflop Games develop games always focused in the player’s experiece. Our team is made by committed professionals that love to play and develop games.

These are the games we produced and developed so far

Smart Turns 2

Smart Turns 2 is the first game officially developed and published by Flipflop Games. It’s a puzzle that challenges the player’s logic and intelligence.

The game is simple, minimalist and challenging, have an infinity of levels and can be played by people of all ages.

Custom Games

Flipflop Games help to develop games to companies and partners. In addition to specific services, we also offer the complete creation of the game, providing a team of experienced and qualified professionals.

Here are the friend companies that we have developed or are in process of development games projects.

Legends of Learning

Legends od Learning is a company dedicated to create the best classroom experiences through educational games and is located in Washington – DC – United States.

Flipflop Games created 4 educational complete games for Legends of Learning.


Dr. Frank and the Unfinished Creature

Life vs Robots

Atomic Dungeon: Energy

Atomic Dungeon: Energy

Dreams on Demand

Dreams on Demand is the digital aspect of the board games company GMK from Campinas – SC – Brazil that develops entertainment game to mobile devices.

Flipflop Games provided the following services to develop the game Chip Crash+ available for mobile devices:

  • Creative Direction
  • Production
  • Game Design
  • Programming using the engine Unity3D


Plot! Studios

Plot! Studios is a company from Florianópolis – SC – Brazil that integrates entertainment projects in multiple platforms.

Flipflop Games helped programming 4 educational games developed in the engine Unity3D targeting web browsers.



Qualiall is a company from Lages – SC that develops ludic solutions to teach security at work.

Flipflop Games developed a serios game aimed to train and evaluate the knowledge of employees providing the services:

  • Creative Direction
  • Programming using the engine Unity3D
  • Server for questions, answers, reports and users
  • Editor for local and remote content integrated to the engine
  • Creation of 2D illustrations and animations of characters and scenes of the game
  • Game interface design


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