Watch variables at runtime in Unity

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Watch variables at runtime in Unity projects

Sometimes it is useful to watch variables like frame rate (FPS) or the memory usage during a build of the game you are developing. Inside the Unity editor we have the Profiler window, which give us a complete view of everything that is currently happening. But, inside a build, it’s not always that we can keep the Profiler connected. For example, when you have several targets or several testers and their devices with different configurations and you want to know the performance of each one of them. That’s when you need Mini Profiler.

Mini Profiler for Unity

Mini Profiler makes possible to watch not just the framerate and the memory usage, but any numeric variable in your game in a easy and efficient way. It was built with performance in mind to have a minimal impact in your game and give the most precise reading possible.

The extension have two versions: the Standard and the Pro. In both you can watch a graphic, with minimum, maximum and average values and can put more than one panel in the scene if you want. You can resize them, position them, set the opacity, the variable reading interval, the format and the font of the values. Besides, they work in any device Unity can build.

The Standard version (free) is enough to those who need to watch the standard values (FPS and memory) quickly.

The Pro version is for those who need more because, in addition to the standard values, any numeric value in the game can be watched. You can use it to watch not just performance related variables like CPU use or network speed, but any other specific variable, like number of enemies, objects in the scene, level progression and any other value you need for your game. Besides, you can customize the panel colors (with 20 included templates), minimize it, expand it and organize multiple panels automatically during the game and extend the functionality with the source code available. All this for just $5, which is not that investment

Mini Profiler in action inside the game

Mini Profiler in action inside the game

You can visit the extension official page, the Standard and the Pro version in Unity Asset Store.

That’s the second extension that we use daily on Unity and we decided to publish (the first was Missing Component Finder). It’s in constant development and with the help of other developers it gets even better, specially in the performance side, which both versions share.

I hope you liked the tip. Stay alert because soon other extensions will be published too!

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