The Game Professional in Brazil

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Brazil is one of the largest consumers in eletronic games. Only in sales, were spent over R$1,6 billion (approximately U$600 million) and the expected growth is 13,5% over the next five years. And with this growth, companies begun to emerge and with them the jobs.

According to the vice president of Abragames (Brazilian Games Association) Fred Vasconcelos, professionals who are missing are designers and programmers. He also says that the amounts paid to these professionals are between R$1,200.00 to R$10,000.00 (U$480.00 to R$4,000) per month; quite significant values ​​for some regions of the country.

The open jobs are there, but the professionals that companies are looking for are those who already have some experience. But this professional profile is very restricted, since 5 years ago speaking in the gaming industry in Brazil was a dream. When one is found with the required profile the value is larger than expected.

But the market is not that bad, it’s becoming bigger and companies with more solid structure pay the value of the experienced professional. They also hire interns, and the amount paid for their work is above the average of other graduate programs. Within universities and/or technical schools there is projects for game development that the student can enter and start gaining experience. The field is also open to freelancers, and thus can work with game development at distance, reducing transportation and meal costs, or even requiring no change to large centers where the cost of living is high.

To become a video game professional the difficulties are the same that other professionals, even with the expanding market and many offered jobs. We can say that there is even a little more difficulty because there are many new professions that don’t know yet it’s role within the company, or even some professionals are often not recognized and ignored, like writers and producers. But anyway, to become a developer and work with games it’s needed dedication, study, enthusiasm and perseverance.

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