Survey’s Book #3

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This week in our “Survey’s Book” section we will present to you another team member that is helping us to create the project Game Comix: First Season!

Felipe Krás Borges
chromosomes XY. Flawless en Y
If you were a hero, you would be:
Link. Carry the coolest sword and shield ever made in the games and have the company of Zelda (when she’s not kidnapped). Yes, why not?
Favorite villain:
Arthas (Lich King). He’s the guy!
Playing games, watching movies, reading, traveling
Favorite meal:
May be the dessert?

Best comic book or book:
The Hobbit
What music is for?
Turbocharge and excite! It is my day-to-day fuel
Favorite band:
Shower song:
Through the Fire and Flames
Favorite Game:
*purchase favorite games slots* Diablo, Zelda and Ace Attorney series
Game that you loved most as a kid:
I think without the Donkey Kong Country and Megaman X  I would not be here today, these guys have made my childhood
Indie Game that you liked most:
Castle Crashers
Dogs, cats or birds?
Webcomic or webgame?
What do you do on GameComix?
I’m not the guy who makes coffee, definitely. I work on the project as a programmer and I take care of the funnest part, the gameplay (sorry boss!). My tasks include implement the character, enemies, features, levels, etc … And of course, fight the programmer’s worst enemies: the bugs.
How long you are on GameComix?
I’m doing 1 year anniversary in GC. Where’s my cake? (chocolate, please)
Why did you end up here?
Has something better to work with games? No. And Game Comix reminded me my childhood, the classic comics and games, now all in one package. Being my first project in the area I feel very excited. “Let’s rock and roll!”
What you like most on Game Comix?
Webcomics and webgames, COMBO!
What do you intend to do on Game Comix:
I want my work to reflect, for all players, that feeling that I felt in my first games. The desire to explore the unknown, face the imminent dangers, know the story as if reading comics … All this in a fun and immersive way.
The name of the first season must be:
Raider of the Lost Colours
The name of the main character:
Song for the game:
Galneryus – Across the Rainbow
Who you would call to work here:
Shigeru Miyamoto e Koji Kondo

This post is also available in Português.