Survey’s Book #2

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After some time we’re back with our survey with members who are developing the Game Comix Season #1.

And today it’s the turn of our beloved Ani. She’s super cheerful with his jargon: “Let it go!”, which matches her pesonality too =)

Ana Elisa P. de Almeida

Ani Almeida

In crisis with age right now, I prefer not reveal

Mine? Super Female! But promise, I’m not sexist…rsrs

Cultural Producer


If you were a hero, you would be:
Despicable Me!

Favorite villain:

Worst movie:

Brazil is:
The garden of the world (most beautiful place and with much diversity)

Skating, write and cooking brigadeiro (brazilian sweet)

Favorite meal:

Best comic book or book:
Can be manga? I really like to Cardcaptor Sakura, but do not know if it’s the best manga, there are so many…

What music is for?
Maintain the rhythmic heart! (beating in time with the rhythm of samba)

Favorite band:
Like many bands, but at the moment I like “Trupe Chá de Boldo”

Sound that you hate:
Bad music, without passion, without vocation

Shower song:
Flor de Lis, Djavan

Favorite Game:
At the moment Plants vs Zombies

Game that you loved most as a kid:
Alex Kidd and Super Mario

Indie Game that you liked most:
Game Comix (really want to play the First Season!)

Dogs, cats or birds?

Webcomic or webgame?

What do you do on Game Comix?
Communications consultant and Fundraising

How long you are on Game Comix?
I don’t remember… I am since march 2013, I think. =)

Why did you end up here?
There was an attraction between the document they sent to me…

What you like most on Game Comix?
The team behind the project: ethical, professional, skilled, battler and proactive… qualities I admire in a very professional… So, you’ve seen, I fell in love…

What do you intend to do on Game Comix:
Help what it takes to make this wonderful project off the printed page!

The name of the first season must be:
Happy Hour (HH)

The name of the main character:

Song for the game:
Burn this City, Franz Ferdinand

Who you would call to work here:
 Oh boy! In this caldron I would put Ziraldo and Fernando Vilela to make the art. I would call some “very poor” guys too like Walter Salles, Silvio Santos and Eike Batista to help us out to won a few pennies… =]

Leave a message to Game Comix News readers:
Hey, people! I hope you all are liking the Blog and the Project! Wait just a little longer, soon the game will be launched! =]

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