Survey’s Book #1

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“Can you answer on my survey’s book?” was a regular on Brazilian schools back then, a kid went to a group of friends with a list of questions and they answered it there. It was one way to keep something from your friends. Not sure if this is a common thing in Brazil.

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We tried to remember this over here, and the first one to answer it is Kleber.

Kleber Lopes da Silva




Game programmer


If you were a hero, you would be:

Favorite villain:

Worst movie:

Brazil is:
A giant


Favorite meal:

Best comic book or book:
The Hobbit

What music is for?
Working, studying, meditating

Favorite band:

Sound that you hate:
Alarm clock

Shower song:
Song of Fire and Ice

Favorite Game:
Crash Team Racing

Game that you loved most as a kid:
Donkey Kong Country

Indie Game that you liked most:

Dogs, cats or birds?

Webcomic or webgame?

What do you do on GameComix?
Is to be one everything in one person. I play several parts here but the most relevant are Director, Producer and Leader Programmer. Usually, these three characters can deal with themselves but sometimes they conflict and I have to deal with this cautiosly. A triple personality case, perhaps.

How long you are on GameComix?
Since the very beginning. 3 years.

Why did you end up here?
I love games, I work in the industry and I always wanted to do something funny and profound (and well, I helped on the initial idea, hehe)

What you like most on Game Comix?
Because it is a game that mix webgames and webcomix. Developing it has been a knowledge path and both medias are very rich and every day I like them more.

What do you intend to do on Game Comix:
A funny game, where players can see themselves and can immerse in the world we are making. I was going to say something funny about Oscar and Director, but I was told the prize doesn’t have to do anything with games…

The name of the first season must be:
The Eighth Color

The name of the main character:

Song for the game:
Trip The Light by Alicia Lemke

Who you would call to work here:
Maurício de Souza, Carlos Ruas, Ziraldo, Oda Eichiro.

Leave a message to Game Comix News:
We are working hard to make this game to be fun, funny and profound. Be ready for something different. Keep coming here for more news and sending us your doubts and suggestions. This game is for you, after all. Also, be pacient, making a game is harder than we thought (but it is still fun). A huge hug!

[Achievement Unlocked: “Patient Reader – reading a post about Kleber untill the very End”]

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