Production Episode #5

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What’s up, doc?

Many things!

And we have lots of work to do, we’ll make an overview of what we’re doing on Game Comix production:

  • We finished the concept of the main character to be used in the game, it’s very cool, now let’s move on to his movements.
  • The programming is in parts and now developers will integrate everything and then we can start putting together the concepts of levels.
  • Game designer is studying the gameplay.
  • The story continues under revision.
  • Advertising is more intense because we have a #RumoaoCatarse campaign, our goal is to achieve 3,500 likes on Facebook and increase our presence in other social networks:  Twitter Google Plus. We are also on Pinterest and Instagram sharing our images.

facebook campaign

Th-th-th-th-That’s all, Folks!

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