Production Episode #4

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Production Episode #4

Don’t Panic! Game Comix is under development.

This year are preparing a lot of news, updates and gifts for our players. But of course we also need full force of all people: development staff, administrative staff and the public.

And what are we doing? We are in the middle of the production, developing the Season #1 episodes!

  • The art of the game is no longer just a concept, soon you’ll see how the main character is getting very lovely ^ ^. And others news will appear very soon.
  • We are working in the “last” game design details, but it seems such a endless task!
  • The story is being polished to become very entertaining, but it will take a little longer to be seen.
    The game is raising in programming and already have several character movements (at least is what I can see), but the programmers told me that there is more.
  • Other departments are also working a lot, but what they do is more boring.

Well, that’s it!

Farewell and thanks for all the fish!

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