Production Episode #2

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Hello again, it’s me, Mari… no, wait.

Bestriding a green dinosaur I came to report how things are going. Things are pretty much dead, I mean, over, no, not the project, but that part of it which means: all the concept of the game is decided, the story of it, which technology are we going to work on and stuff like that.

Prototypes of the character, scene movement, how the game and the browsers are going to flirt between them and where they are going to spend honeymoon, this kind of stuff, are ready.

At the moment, we are working on the first episode, new prototypes of new things (very informative, I know), and hey, we finished (or kind of) our dialogue system, we are very proud of that. Those animated letters are cuuuute.

The artsy boys are doing new concepts for new things in the game, something that you put bubble gum and bananas, from what they told me, not sure. They also told me they need that it is based on psychologist studies, but I’m not sure if it is belivable since they did this cute drawings to distract me, so it’s up to you. Some of this drawings will come as base to the final version of the game.

The story guy – how is it called again? Writer? Oh, right! – is taking a big whipping to make the game full of love. I heard that his story is so sad (not the game). Heard that after the whipping he was full of new ideas that are going to be on the game, well, if the game designers allow it. mwahahaha

The game designers are closing the concepts from the last production phase, rethinking some things a bit and blablabla.

Our publicity started recently, it is a bit social media driven, like everything nowadays – everything that doesn’t have a lot of money on hand, ha! – it went to some tech blogs in Brazil, local newspapers and such and yeah, in case you missed, we have a blog (that you are reading now) where we talk about Development, the Universe and Everything.

Game Over.

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