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In the last few months we were researching about the game industry and some articles got my attention saying that mobile games already surpass console and computer games.

The preview, according to Juniper, is that until 2019 the game industry for consoles and computer decrease, but continue responsible for more than 50% of industry revenue. And analysing the news we saw that even with the decreasing, console games still have more value and they are already searching for new ways to attract treir public again.

Beyond the price problem

There is another problem that console games face too: TIME.

The person who writes this text for you is an example of that: a long time ago, I was able to play several games at month. After some time, it was slowly decreasing to some games in a month, in a semester, in a year ! (I know, it’s a shame). But, how many of us are suffering with the same problem? I believe that this problem isn’t exclusively mine.

But why not play console games when playing mobile ones?

Sit to play demands almost to schedule the event because play a console game for a few minutes is not sufficient anymore. Especially if you are playing a Tomb Raider or a Resident Evil. Besides, if you don’t play for a long time, you have the chance to forget the story and sometimes needs to restart the entire game.

In top of that, I (re)discover mobile games (I’m still not a fan) because I can play while I’m doing something else.

That way I saw a clearly advantage on playing mobile games, because everytime I have a time to play I pick up my phone from my pocket and play. So I saw why mobile game is the choice of many players: because it’s easy to play them everywhere!

Pros and cons

However, console games are very different from those on mobile phones. I still prefer the console ones (even playing less) because they are today more than just games, they are interesting and immersive experiences (like movies). But for that I need more time and invest ($) in consoles, computers and games.

On the other hand, with mobile games you still keep working/waiting/studying and don’t have the same experience. Just a pastime. With the advantage of playing wherever you want and paying just a few bucks or nothing to do so.

This is the opinion of a female console player that now plays on your phone (but still makes promises to play more on consoles again, hahaha).


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