Missing Components Finder

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Missing Components Finder

This is for Unity developers: do you know those times you open an old Unity project or make that refactoring because the Game Design changed and several components get missing? Well, it’s really painful to find each one of these component, right? The easiest ways are, if you are brave, play the game and see where Unity complains or, if you have the patience, select each GameObject in each Scene and put every Prefab in a Scene selecting each of their GameObjects. Well, those WAS the easiest ways.

When developing games I realized that this was not just a common situation, but very stressful to deal with. So I’ve created an extension to solve this issue. It’s called Missing Components Finder.


Missing Components Finder is a simple and effective extension: it finds every missing component in every GameObject in the current Scene and all the Prefabs in the project. It doesn’t matter how deep is the hierarchy, the extension finds the little devils and shows the results in a way that makes easy to replace them: when you select a result in the list, the GameObject is selected in the project or in the Scene. The extension also brings the possibility to search only in the current selection, which is very useful if you have a gigantic project and have a clue where the problem is.

The extension is already available on Unity Asset Store right here: Missing Components Finder on Unity Asset Store.

And that’s it, folks. This is one of my extensions that I developed a while ago and I decided to publish. I’ll bring other extensions that I’m publishing as soon as they are released.

See you!

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