MICSUL: expanding frontiers

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Hello guys! In the week of may 15th to 18th, we were in Mar del Plata, Argentina participating the I MICSUL. We were one of 100 companies selected to participate of the first edition, representing the games sector o/

Business Room

One of the Business Rooms

It was a great event, more than 2,500 people were accredited just in first day and more others arrived after. People from different areas (cinema, music, writing, performing art, fashion and games) met and we could exchange contacts and experiences, make business meetings and thus expand our creative frontier. The cool thing about the event was to see a little of reality of our “hermanos” game developers. Several times we focus our development to the north america and europe and forget about our neighbors that also have people who play and create games. We met several companies and/or studios with high quality games and also very interesting projects in development. Our neighbors also have several problems like us in Brazil. The lack of government incentive and investments to games companies and development of new projects are some to cite. Another problem is the lack of professionals (especially programmers), several companies are made by only one type of professional, which makes the task of creating its own game very tough. We saw that in Colombia the government is already incentivizing game development. There, investments with fiscal incentive is something common. Several games that was participating have in their credits screen, private companies that are investing in cultural marketing. Argentina have some game development incentive programs too.

Lecture on Game Design by Alexis Jolis Desautels

Lecture  about Game Design by Alexis Jolis Desautels

In addition to the business meetings we also had several lectures and talks about the cultural market on MERCOSUL. From the game development side, we had some very interesting talks, like the one presented by Alexis Jolis Desautels, game director and game designer  at Ubisoft in Montreal, Canada and the presentation of Godot Engine, a great and recently opensourced game engine created and used by OKAM Studios. We had some roundtables discussing our current status and how we can improve our games to reach more audiences. MICSUL was more than a business event, was a meeting to exchange experiences and knowledge.

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