MICSUL, a cultural encounter

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This week will begin the First Encounter of Culture Industry Market of the SouthMICSUL. This encounter is the first in the South America culture history and the purpose is for the MERCOSUL brother countries can narrow its relationships also in the Cultural Market.

The MICSUL will cover six culture areas: audiovisual, publishing, music, performing arts, fashion and (who would’ve thought it?) digital games. Cultural companies were selected of each participant country. They have the mission of enhance the exchange of cultural goods and services and consecutively increase the relationship between countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.

The MICSUL will take place in Argentina in Mar del Plata in may 15th to 18th. It is expected over 9,500 business meetings, previously scheduled among participants. Beyond business meetings, several events like forums, round tables, symposia and conferences about trends, politics and economics of cultural markets will happen.

micsul bannerThere is great expectations for MICSUL, because now we are going beyond agricultural and industrial business and knowing each other’s cultures, exchanging informations, experiences, traditions, technologies and innovations.

And your beloved Flipflop Games will participate of all that! We were choosen to represent Brazil in the digital games sector. We are talking with developers from all participant countries and closing some partnerships. Stay tuned for more news o/

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