Every idea starts somewhere

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Funny how ideas come to life.

“What if we did a thing like this or a thing like that?”

Usually ideas come up unexpected. When we are sleeping and we went to bed thinking about it, when we are taking a shower, or it just comes up in a conversation that has nothing to do with that.

“Nah, leave it alone, it is a silly idea” – said the person reading a comic on the web.

“What?”, asked the programmer.

“I was thinking: what if you made a game that looked like a comic?”, said her showing the website to him.

“Hmm, never seen nothing like this”

And then, hours talking about it, how it could be, how it could be done, it was 2010.

Of course, we had priorities, the idea went to the drawer. Untill 2011, at least, when Kleber, the programmer on the above conversation wanted a project and the idea started to gain life.

We sat down, thought how to do to develop it and of course, games cost money. How would we do it? The initial investiment was only Kleber’s time, and he would have to do all of it, game design, story, level design, it would take a lot of time. I could help a bit with stories to the game, but developing them wasn’t my thing (I worked in an Accounting Office back then). Even so, we would be missing a lot of things: art, animation, music and we would probably end up with a lot of poor parts on it.

Being from an accounting past I still had it on me, so I opened a spreadsheet. That was how I could help him, thinking how we could gather the resources, and to this, we reached the idea as a project.

After several talks with Kleber, we reached a consensus: our game was like a piece of art, all the way that we’ve been thinking about it was, so maybe we could go for some financial cultural incentive? And then we discover the Rouanet’s law.

I had to study (and by studying it I mean A LOT) and saw a place which fit, but we didn’t have a lot of hope. “It is Brazil, it isn’t going to work over here” – recently Culture Minister said when asked “that games aren’t culture, for example). I had to come with a lot of arguments on why it IS culture and why we should be approved by Rouanet’s Law, of course, that is how it work, again, “it is Brazil, it isn’t going to work over here”. In September of 2011 my disillusions were proved wrong and the good news come up, Game Comix was a forme of Culture and it was accepted on Rouanet’s Law.

YES! LEVEL-UP! But now what?! Resource gathering!

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