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About Comics

The Game Comix News also brings news about comics!

As you know (or not) the series Comix Game will be based on comics. How do we do? Ah, it is secret, but soon begin to reveal =)

Returning to the subject, came out a while ago an infographic of ComiXology, talking a little bit about the comic readers.  The cool thing was to find data on readers. It is very difficult to get something interesting about it, and the disclosure other sites also showed more data and/or made ​​a news about it.

Now we know the shape of digital comic readers are:

  • men between 27-36 years of age, those who read printed comics as a child;
  • and women17-26 years of age, who are a emerging public (started reading comics now) and already 20% of readers.

Data downloads legal (not pirates) are impressive, just ComiXology company had more than 200 million titles downloaded and values ​​in comics are averaging U $ 0.99 to U $ 1.99. The decline of piracy in digital HQ is also a point to be highlighted, only 25% of readers “pirates” comic.

Information that can not fail to mention are about players, 25% of them play video games all day!

Infographic: Comixology

Sources: Olhar DigitalGeek MomTechHive.

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