Brazilian Comics Day

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Brazilian Comics

Today January 30, we cellebrate in Brazil the Day of National Comics (the Brazilian Comics Day) and in these last few weeks some news are published about comics and seem promising, to the recognition and enhance of Brazilian creations and increase the comic market in Brazil.

diademaThe Museum of Popular Art of Diadema (MAP) is holding the exhibition “Diadema – 50x Comics” which will display 50 works of ex-students of comics workshops held in Diadema, cartoonists and illustrators of São Paulo. Besides the exhibition, debates, documentaries about comics and dialogues about the language of this art will be opened. Entrance is free and the event will end at January 31.

Comic Con ExperienceOn January 28 it has been announced that in December this year (2014) a version of Comic-Con will take place in Brazil, for those who like comics, movies, series, games and stuff, this is a dream, even further if the event were like the original in San Diego (the good news is that they’re promising this). If the event were really like Comic-Con, it’ll not be just a show for the public, but may be a great opportunity for those who want to pursue careers illustrating comics, series and film costume designers, animators and many other opportunities that the convention offers in USA.

AsterixThe state of São Paulo proved how comics are popular. In 2013 the Bureau of Education conducted a survey with the question “what kind of book you like to read?” São Paulo students, aged between 10 to 18, showed a preference for comics, over 45% answered that like that kind of reading. With the genres, “tales, myths and legends” are almost 37% of the answers. Students also like poems, romantic novels, adventures and chronicles.

Those are three interesting news this past week related to comics. It’s nice to see news like these and hopefully more will come. It seems that comics professionals are increasingly being recognized.


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