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Smart Turns 2

A simple, minimalistic and challenging game with infinity levels that can be played by anyone.

Dr. Frank and the Unfinished Creature

Help Dr. Frank finishing his creature answering questions and learning about multicellular organisms.

Life vs Robots

Defend your home from robots invasion and learn about the evidence of common ancestors.

Atomic Dungeon: Energy

Find your way inside a dungeon while you learn about energy transfer in chemical reactions.

Atomic Dungeon: Equilibrium

Help a knight to avoid dangers and learn about conservation of matter in chemical reactions.

Chip Crash+

Match 3 or more chips to win and go crazy with combos and spins on the mini slot machines!

Workplace Safety Training

A serious game to train and evaluate the employees' knowledge about workplace safety.

Finding Home

An educational puzzle game where kids learn about the different types of homes in Brazil.


An educational puzzle game where kids learn about some Brazilian historical facts.

Festivities Here and There

An educational puzzle game where kids learn about several Brazilian festivities.

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