Who we are

A small brazilian company that wants to leave its mark

The Flipflop Games

We are an indie game company founded in january 2014. We want to launch simple, but full of quality games. Our focus is the development of creative games that will bring small peculiarities in their gameplay, art, story and development, making the play an unique experience.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple but challenging: we want to create games that goes beyound the entertainment, that are unique experiences to the players. We also want to build the best environment inside the company, compromising with each colaborator.

Our Team

We have the support and the partnership of several professionals in business, commercial and development areas. Our teams are multidisciplinary and formed with experienced professionals and fresh minded rookies, all of them passionate about what they do.

Why Flipflop?

Flipflops are a kind of sandals, but besides that, Flipflop is a digital circuit that can store a bit – aka the base of a computer. We like the pun, mainly because where we live the heat is very intense, making us wear Flipflops almost all the time

What we do

Not just games, but unique experiences

Short and casual games

Development of small and/or casual games for tablets, smartphones or web browsers that have quality and are essentially fun. Always with something peculiar, whether in art or in gameplay, aiming the entertainment, the challenge and the quick gaming.

Medium and large games

Our goal here is create games with international quality with a little pinch of brazilian spice and the creativity of our team, creating an unique and fun experience to our players. Our target platforms here are consoles, computers and web.

Custom Games

In addition of our own games, we are open to develop game projects to other companies and partners, offering our development services or even creating the entire game from the begining to the end. If you have an idea of a game and want that Flipflop be part of this project, contact us!

Our 3 work fronts

In all of our work fronts, we want to deliver quality and creativity on our products, without forgeting, of course, about fun and entertainment, because our products are games. Besides, our team and their needs are taken seriously, because we believe that only happy people can make quality works.


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